How loang is the flight to Bali

how long is the flight to bali

How loang is the flight to Bali

The world traveler who flew to Bali with Qatar Airways, usually transit in Singapore. But now, there will be a direct flight from Bali to Doha, Qatar. Travelers also be quicker to.

Qatar Airways is one of the favorite choice of airlines Middle East traveler. These routes of Asia and Europe it has often become an option to fly from Indonesia to the Middle East and Europe, and vice versa.

In Indonesia, Qatar has routes to Jakarta and Bali as many as 18 flights a week. But for the Denpasar-Doha route that normally transit in Singapore, will be transformed into a direct flight.

From Bali to Doha via Singapore, but there will be a direct flight to Doha Bali so no longer transit and How long is the flight to Bali arround 18 hours.

with the opening of a new international airport in Doha Hamad, then flying Qatar Airways will increase both the frequency and longer service for the purpose of States to Bali and other countries.

Qatar Airways passenger numbers to Jakarta and Bali, Jakarta and Bali high enough factornya load is high, but higher Bali and it's a two-way.

passengers to Jakarta are mostly from the US traveler and growing is the Middle East. While passenger destination Bali is a traveler from Europe and the Middle East traveler Rusia.While a traveler from the Middle East more to Jakarta.

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Denpasar Bali Ngurahrai airport information.

Kota terdekat:Denpasar (sekitar 13 km)
Telepon:+62 361 9351011
SPG:8°44'54"S 115°10'2"E

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