How to Go to Bromo Mount from Jakarta?

Route from Senen Railway Station towards Malang and Bromo. 

on of tourist attractions in indonesia are bromo mount .5 cm from the movie appeared in theaters , tells the story of mountain climbing and the beauty of bromo semeru
many tourists who come to this East Java.  My Vacation  to Mount Bromo .
Maybe a bit confused if it is your first time to Bromo .
I 'll give you a story of personal experience to bromo . the start of Jakarta .

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From Jakarta - Malang :

Fire could train ride Gajayana ( IDR400.000 ) , Matarmaja ( IDR61.000 ) , Majapahit ( IDR100 - 200ribu ) I ride the train ticket Majapahit in August 2013 for IDR.200.000 . From the station at 15:10 pm until Monday at Malang station at 09.00 pm

Of Malang Station ( one route )

Malang got a bit confused as well , no one said you had to overlap some say need to Probolinggo first .

I try to overlap , carter IDR100,000 public transportation ( So expensive  ) , the distance to the  Railway Station - Tumpang unfortunate about 20Km .Overlapping we have got to get Postal Jeep rental ascent . Jeep rental prices are very expensive 500-600 thousand .

I just found out that the more dominant Overlapping paths to the mountain path to the Bromo Semeru not .

Eventually have to wonder Probolinggo first , then ride public transportation Arjosari majors Overlapping - white ( IDR.6.000 )
1 hour trip ended up at the Arjosari Bus Station.

Should route the true I ride public transportation from poor Malang Railway Station - Arjosari Bus Station ( note that ...! )

From the  Arjosari Bus Station - Probolinggo Bus Station

After reaching the Bus Station , officials said up to Probolinggo bus trip took about 1 hour 30 minutes . Patas AC bus fare : IDR27.500 ; to ekenomi ; IDR13.000
Until Angga Bayu in Probolinggo Bus Station at 13:00 pm .

Bus Stationwalk out , towards the entrance of the Bus Station . On the front of the Bus Stationthere is a mini bus , Mitsubishi ELF type who will take
bromo travelers heading . Wait 30 minutes until finally a full passenger road car as well .

From Probolinggo Bus Station - Cemoro Lawang

Travel by mini bus ELF takes 1 hour , uphill and winding road . The freight rates in August 2013 IDR.30.000 ,Do not forget to get acquainted with a fellow backpacker to be easy to rent a jeep in Bromo , because if the lease itself or just 2 people would be very expensive .

Until Cemoro Lawang .

arrived at 15:00 pm , then Find lodging here is very easy , rate between IDR100 - 250,000 , which is more expensive also . After the book lodging and do not forget to ask the guards to deal in order to rent a jeep Penanjakan to see the sunrise .

There are Route from Senen Railway Station towards Malang and Bromo, Mount bromo must to visit if you visit if you search tourist attractions in indonesia.

travel vacations,tropical honeymoon,travelling,travel and tourism

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