Kuliner Tape Ketan Muntilan Khas dari Muntilan, Magelang

Tape ketan Muntilan 181 Jl.Pemuda Muntilan

Souvenirs tape ketan muntilan

Tape Ketan Muntilan - Tourist attractions in Indonesia is very diverse, culinary this one may be different than if you air the streets and were heading to Yogyakarta Borobudur temple would not hurt to stop by in the city Muntilan, a small town with a distance of about 20 km from Yogjakarta. 

The food is typical of one of the sub-district in the district. Magelang is Muntilan Sticky Tape / tape ketan muntilan in indonesian name. Is a kind of food made ​​of glutinous rice which is mixed with yeast and let dye alamai of making suji leaf color is green tape immediately and certainly no artificial sweeteners so it is safe for health. 

Center souvenirs sticky tape Muntilan / tape ketan muntilan one that is sticky tape Muntilan 181. Established since 1935 is a long span of time and to the quality of the product is not in doubt. Many tourists who just stopped to buy sticky tape Muntilan / tape ketan Muntilan. Those who want to Semarang, Bandung Jakarta took buy. 

How about taste tape ketan Muntilan? The taste is sweet and fresh tape became his trademark when mixed with hot water to make hot drinks in a very refreshing, can also tape in direct secera eat as a snack. So there is no harm if you pass through the town to buy souvenirs Muntilan sticky tape Muntilan.

Resep bikin Tape ketan

How to Make Tape ketan muntilan? (Resep Tape ketan Muntilan)

  • 1 kg of white sticky rice
  • 600 cc water suji leaves
  • 1 item yeast to 1 kg

How to make a green sticky tape:
  • Wash the glutinous to clean, soak for about two hours, drain, steam for half an hour. Lift.
  • Save, suji leaves steamed with water until smooth.
  • Save for an hour, steamed until cooked.
  • After Cool, sprinkle with yeast dough sticky until evenly distributed. Sprinkle two tablespoons of sugar.

Note: Yeast should be crushed and sieved until smooth.

After Blended, dough sticky tape is placed in a pot or other container, and cover tightly.
If You want fragrant guava leaf cover with water that has been washed and cleaned.
Save for two nights. After smell fragrant, green glutinous already enjoyed.

Location: 181 Jl.Pemuda Muntilan 
Price: 35,000 / jar medium (2012)

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