Garden Insects of Mekar Sari (Taman Serangga Mekarsari)

Garden Insects play

Mekar Sari (Taman Serangga Mekarsari)
Day of Eid holidays have arrived, because it does not return home so just type and gathering around Jakarta. This time my destination to Garden Insects play inside the complex Mekarsari Fruit Garden.

With the admission of the person Rp.15.000, - and motorcycle parking tickets Rp.3.000, - we can explore this vast park area. Park is located near the garden insect honeydew, from the information we can walk about 1 km. If you have enough spare cash can hire a guide and train you can enjoy a package that is given by Mekarsari.

Collection of garden insects here just a little bit, not as much in the garden insect TMII, because this place is just a place to study nature and repair damaged plants. But if you want to know the nature and details the types of plants how to plant and care for the well came to Mekarsari Fruit Garden.

As a souvenir you can buy seeds that are sold in the Fruit Garden Mekarsari.

So Wait moreover, plan your holiday and visit the Fruit Garden Mekarsari

Garden Insects play Garden Insects play
Garden Insects play
Garden Insects play repair damaged plants